Outlaw Music's Services


Recording and Production


Studio Musicians

Studio Tracks


CD and Digital Song Preparation & Encoding


Website Design and Hosting

Social Media Integration

DAW Setup

Recording Tutorials

Remote Recording

Licensing Assistance


This is the core of Outlaw Music, getting your songs out of your head and committed to recordings you are ecstatic with, and your fans will love.

Are your songs ready to go, and you just need to record them? Great! 

We can record all of your vocals and instruments (either live or individually), 

Clean up the tracks, mix them, master them, encode them with your licensing and meta data, and have them ready for you to release on your own, or through an aggregator (CD Baby, Distro Kid, etc.)

Not quite ready? 

Just have lyrics and thought on a melody? Almost ready, and need help with those last few hooks?
Got it together, but not the musicians to play?

That’s OK, we can assist with all of it!

We have musicians, composers and everything needed to help you complete your (fun) work.


There is so much more than just getting your songs recorded.
We offer additional services and assistance to help you move your career (or hobby) along. 

Personal and Professional Artist Website

  • Showcase your talent and sell your music and merchandise online
  • Integrate your online presence with your Social Media profiles and pages to reach your fans

Home Studio Assistance

  • Help with setting up your space, hardware, interface, software and getting you ready to record
  • Tutorials on recording (remote assistance easily available)
  • Remote recording and coallaboration

Licensing Assistance

  • Help with making sure your protected and all of your music, recordings and videos are licensed and registered
  • If you don’t have a label, we can provide all the necessary licenses, codes and registrations for you

Contact us today for your project, song, or assistance!